Jens D’Aes also known as More2Play is a 24-year old DJ & Producer. His love for music started at a very young age. When he was in elementary school and saw the DJ playing some good music during playtime, he was absolutely sure! “I want to do this when I’m older”! A few years later, at the age of 14, he started behind the scenes. Trying to beatmatch some tracks. With the emphasis on 'try'. His first year was very difficult, in fact it was just… Virtual DJ. Like most starting DJ’s, he says. At the age of 15, it all started working out. One year later, he started uploading all his Mixtapes to the online music platform: ‘Soundcloud’. Occasionally he even had a booking. Meanwhile, his love for Club music became bigger and bigger. At the age of 17: ‘Yanniz & More2Play’ was born. Together with Yannis Goossens, they decided to bring their experiences together, hoping to reach the maximum of their potential. ‘Yanniz & More2Play’ was really working well… Unfortunately Yannis decided to stop after 2 years. These two years were memorable for him. He really learned a lot in that period. Their own Tracks, Bootlegs, Mash-Up’s, Mixtapes,… They really did and made everything themselves! Meanwhile, the bookings came in well. But he now had the choice… Going further solo, looking for another partner in crime or even stop. He never really considered this last option. He’s doing this with too much passion that he just can’t stop! Since his 19th, he goes through life as the Allround DJ & Producer of ‘More2Play’. He is currently working on several new stuff. So be sure to take an occasional look at his Website, Facebook page and Soundcloud and keep informed of the latest news! For his bookings, Go to More2Play’s website and just click on ‘Agenda’. Below, just a small list of the places and parties he already played.

Hope to see you soon!

  • Red & Blue - Antwerp
  • Kamp Noord DJ Contest 2014
  • Smack My Monkey 2014
  • SPRINGSKI PARTY 2014 - Catba Korfbal
  • Booze 'N Bass 2013 - De Dreef, Vorselaar
  • Immaland 2013 with DJ F.R.A.N.K.
  • Ni Janke, Mo Tanke - JH Josto, Deurne
  • Hard With Style 2014 - JH Josto, Deurne
  • Pimp's & Ho's
  • Galabal: Glitter & Glamour 2013.
  • Cava Party 2012 - Sikopi Korfbal
  • Jeugdhuis: 't Jop
  • Jeugdcentrum Vizit
  • Jeugdhuis: Babylon, Westmalle
  • Jeugdhuis: Zoezel
  • Jeugdhuis: De Wommel
  • Kick Off Party - AKC Korfbal
  • Glow In The Dark Party
  • Beats By Korfball 2013 & 2014
  • Foute Fuif - AKC Korfbal
  • Foute Party - OLSE Merksem
  • Many B-Day parties
  • Wedding parties
  • Many private parties